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Find out how other Advisors use technology, and what tools are "hot" right now.

Hundreds of Advisors were surveyed to share their technology opinions and secrets. This executive summary contains key findings of the suvery that every advisor needs to know. 

See how your firm stacks up against peers. Find out what tools advisors are using and how they're using tech to grow their business. Learn about what's happening today and also get a sneak peek into what to expect in 2013.


Sample of what's inside :

  • The 3 popular emerging technologies are ...
  • 34% of advisors waste 20+ hrs / month (that's 240+ hrs per YEAR) doing this ...
  • Advisors with $500M+ AUM use these 3 tools [and all advisors SHOULD]
  • 48% of advisors told us they expect this challenge in 2013 ...
  • and much, much more!

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