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NEW Report answers: "Want to get bigger? Invest in (THIS) technology."report_image-1

Blueleaf's National Survey on 2013 Advisor Technology has exposed the truth about how advisors really use technology in their firms (and what EVERY advisor should do in 2013).

The research also begs one big question : Can an advisor’s current technology and infrastructure support their plans to scale and grow?  We tackle that question here. Download the report (free) to learn more.

What's inside:

  • 3 tools setting BIG firms apart from smaller practices
           - Learn how to scale!
  • The tools used by advisors with $500+ million in AUM
           - Benefits to you AND your clients
  • 50% of advisors use an iPad (or other tablet) at their firm
           - They shared 5 valuable uses!
  • The 6 technologies advisors are adding in 2013...

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